Where can I buy a judo gi?

What to wear?

Generally the more you pay for your gi the better material and quality you will get. As children grow quickly a single weave value gi (£20-£30) will suffice. Ensure you get larger size to allow growth and shrinkage.

The club can get discounts from many of the UK distributors, this will benefit you and the club. So please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a look at a variety of IJF approved suppliers:

British Judo Association Store

Adidas (DE) via UK distributor CIMAC

Blitz (UK)
Blitz (UK) direct

DaeDo International (ES) direct from Spain

Essimo (NL) via UK distributor Ultimat Defence Limited

Danrho (DE) via UK distributor Kwon

Fighting Films (UK) direct

Greenhill (DE) direct

Ippon Shop
Ippon Gear (DE) direct

Kappa (IT) via UK distributor AVA Sports

Matsuru (NL) via UK distributor

Mizuno (JP) via UK distributor Fluid Media Ltd

KuSakura (JP) direct from Hayakawa Textile Industries Co.